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Helping to save the planet, one chicken and honeybee at a time ...
About our Poultry and Honeybees:
We are a small rural farm in the British Columbia Interior.  We are dedicated to the preservation and resurrection of rare heritage breeds of poultry and believe in raising our chickens and turkeys naturally, allowing them free access to the healthy outdoors.  Our motto:  Happy chickens lay happy eggs!

We provide farm-gate sales of free-range brown eggs and rainbow eggs, which are produced by our assortment of heritage birds.  Some of the poultry breeds that live here were once common in barnyards only a few decades ago but were eventually replaced by hybrids that were developed for certain characteristics, such as fast-growing broilers who can develop leg and heart problems due to their unnatural rapid growth.  A few of the breeds we raise are listed on the Rare Breeds Canada list, and also the The Livestock Conservancy list (formerly The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy), as being critical, endangered, or threatened.   

We are helping to bring back some of these rare heritage breeds in a natural environment.  We offer for sale a limited number of chicks and poults each year to folks who want just a few for their backyard flock and family use, or to those who are also interested in developing their own flocks to help re-establish these once common and reliable varieties.

We are also beekeepers and offer farm-gate sales of raw honey.  Our honeybees forage in a valley that is free of commercial agriculture and are not exposed to GMO crops or poisons.  We sell their pure honey just the way they make it:  natural, raw, and unpasteurized.


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